Monday, September 30, 2013

Tonight! NHL roundtable with B/R writers!

Oh, what a show we have planned for you this week!

The NHL season is about to start (yay, no strike!), and to celebrate that fact, the Jerks are joined by three hockey writers from Bleacher Report for a roundtable.

Matt Hutter (Detroit), Matt Clouden (Buffalo) and Ryan Szporer (Montreal) will discuss the Red Wings' move to the Eastern Conference, and to the Atlantic Division. They'll tell us whether they think it's a good move for the teams they cover, and whether it's a good move for the NHL as a whole.

Then each writer will preview their respective teams, as well as handicapping the Atlantic Division this year. Does anyone have Detroit as a favorite to win the division? Listen and find out!

After the hockey talk, Eno and Big Al discuss the Lions' big win against the Bears on Sunday. What were the keys? How dominant was the D-line? How big is the Reggie Bush Factor? Is the secondary better than what was thought before the season?

Then, it's on to the AL Central Champion Tigers. Eno is nervous about the playoffs, and Big Al tries to talk him down from the ledge!

All that and more! "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a $50 gift certificate to Twin Pines) and "Jerk of the Week"!

It all starts at 7:00 p.m. ET HERE.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tonight! Tabletop sports game designer Tim Plum!

Sorry for lack of a blog update last week!

Tonight the Jerks are joined by Tim Plum of PT Sports Games, who will discuss his line of football, hockey and basketball games and the state of the sports board game business.

If you grew up playing games like Strat-O-Matic, APBA and Avalon Hill's Statis-Pro games, chances are you still play various and sundry other tabletop sports games, or have a curiosity about what the state of the business is like.

Tim will clue us in, from how he turned an interest into an enterprise, and whether cards and dice can compete, in a niche sort of way, with video games and the Internet.

After Tim's segment, Eno and Big Al talk Lions, specifically their 27-20 win in Washington on Sunday. Also on the docket are the Tigers as they close in on their third straight AL Central crown, another scare ofr Michigan football, MSU's woes, and the Dodgers' notorious swim in Arizona.

All that and more, including "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a handsome set of Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedias) and Jerk of the Week! It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Tonight: Adam Rants, and the Lions are OLD!! Plus, how about those Tigers?

Adam Biggers is, depending on where he falls on the depth chart on any given week, our Fourth or Fifth Jerk. Regardless, he is with us tonight for a college football-drenched edition of "Adam Rants"!

Adam, from Bleacher Report, will talk at length about U-M and MSU's opening week wins. Adam is satisfied with Michigan's performance, but not so much with the Spartans'.

Adam also touches on "Johnny Football," aka Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M, and why Adam thinks that the kid is getting some bad advice, or isn't following the good advice that he is getting.

After Adam, the Jerks talk pro football, and how the Lions are now, officially, the oldest team in the NFL in terms of average player age. Eno says that is a bi-product of poor drafting and having to sign veteran free agents late in training camp.

The Jerks also discuss the recent settlement by the NFL of a class action lawsuit regarding how the league handled concussions back in the day with former players. It was a $765 million payout, but the league's annual revenue is $9 billion, so did the NFL get off cheap? The guys think so.

Finally, it's Tigers talk, as the Jerks handicap the AL Central race, discuss September call-ups and wonder why Andy Dirks has become the fans' new whipping boy. The boys also touch on the firing of Toledo Mud Hens manager Phil Nevin.

All that and more, including "Jerk of the Week" and "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a year's supply of Boboli pizza dough!). It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.