Matt Hutter

Matt Hutter became a Red Wings fan in the most unlikeliest of places: Southern California.

He began following the team from there in the early-1990s and counts among his most favorite moments the time he spent talking with an injured Steve Yzerman during a Red Wings-Kings game.

He has covered the NHL Entry Draft, the Stanley Cup playoffs and the regular NHL season for Bleacher Report, where he is a featured Red Wings columnist.

So how did a Southern California kid become ga-ga about the Red Wings? Here's Matt himself:

"About 1991, I was at my friend's house watching, for the first time in a serious way, an NHL hockey game between the LA Kings and Detroit Red Wings.  My dad's friend, originally from Troy (I think) MI, was a long-time Wings fan (so much so that he embraced and affectionately used the term Dead Wings), my friend, a big LA/Gretzky fan.  Being a teenage boy, I used this knowledge to piss my friend off and root for the Wings, knowing nothing of either team.  My only association with the Red Wings to that point was the fact that "Cameron" in Ferris Beuller's Day Off wore a Gordie Howe jersey through the entire film."

Matt began appearing as a guest on "The Knee Jerks" in 2009 and hasn't really stopped. Hence, the boys unofficially named Matt the "Third Jerk:" for his consistent and knowledgeable reports on the Red Wings for the show.

During the NHL season, Matt is a frequent guest and even more so during the playoffs.

He loves food. (Seriously; if food could be married, Matt would divorce his lovely wife and marry it). Here's Matt on his favorite food that he's eaten: "The best thing I've ever eaten was a seared, spiced fois gras with a 100-year-old balsamic vinegar reduction."

But despite his love for fine food, Matt adds, "The humble donut will never be outdone!"

He resides in Southern California.

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