Monday, December 16, 2013

Tonight! Adam rants; plus, the Tigers' off-season, the Lions' fate, Red Wings and more!

If it's Monday, it's (usually) The Knee Jerks!

Tonight we welcome Adam Biggers back for another edition of "Adam Rants!"

Adam hasn't been on the show for a little bit, so tonight he makes up for it, ranting about MSU's big win over Ohio State in the B1G Championship game, their chances against Stanford in the Rose Bowl, and rumors about Mark Dantonio perhaps being a coaching candidate at Texas. He also touches on MSU basketball.

After Adam, the Jerks talk Tigers---particularly the team's busy off-season, culminating (so far) with the signings of RHP Joba Chamberlain and LF Rajai Davis.

The Lions' fate is discussed, ahead of tonight's big MNF game against the Baltimore Ravens. The Lions' "magic number" remains at three after the Bears and Packers both engineered come-from-behind wins on Sunday.

Finally, the Red Wings and their woes at home are on the docket.

All this and more, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a slew of Hamburger Helper) and "Jerk of the Week."

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tonight: Electric Football, Tigers, Lions and Sparty!

For lots of boys in the late-1960s thru the 1970s, an electric football game under the Christmas tree was as indelible a memory as anything in childhood.

On tonight's show, we talk about EF with author Earl Shores, who co-wrote "The Unforgettable Buzz" with Roddy Garcia. The book is an exhaustive history of EF and Tudor Games, which was the first game company to market and distribute electric football, starting over 60 years ago.

Earl spends a fascinating 40 minutes with us, regaling us with stories about the game's beginnings, its heyday and its state right now as a collector's item. Check out their Facebook page, Like it, and be amazed with photos and other goodies throughout every week.

After Earl, we get into the Tigers' off-season, especially the trade of Doug Fister and the prospects of the team improving in left field. Then, sadly, it's some Lions talk, as we dissect the travesty in the snow in Philadelphia. Finally, we talk a little Sparty football and MSU's big win over Ohio State in the B1G Championship Game.

All that, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: home improvement by Belvedere) and "Jerk of the Week"!

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Book giveaway for the December 9 show! "The Unforgettable Buzz," a history of Electric Football and Tudor Games

It was one of the best childhood memories for sports fans around the USA: finding an electric football game under the Christmas tree!

On our December 9 show, our guest will be author Earl Shores, who along with Roddy Garcia has penned "The Unforgettable Buzz," a detailed and exhaustive look at the history of Electric Football and Tudor Games.

To help celebrate the game and the upcoming holidays, we are asking that you submit a question for Earl re: electric football. If we use the question on the air, you will be placed in a drawing to win a copy of Earl and Roddy's book!

Your chances to win are pretty good if we use your question, as we plan on only asking 3-4 listener questions. So submit away!

E-mail your question (one per person please) to thekneejerks at gmail dot com. All questions received through Friday, December 6 will be considered. Please include your name and mailing address.

Good luck!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tonight: Sean MacDonald, the "Traveling Fan"

We have a special treat for you tonight.

Sean MacDonald, who is affiliated with our good friend Paul Swaney's Stadium Journey website, is joining us to discuss a very cool endeavor he is undertaking.

Sean is trying to attend a football game in each of the NFL's 32 stadiums this season. That's 32 stadiums, 17 weeks---or about two games per week!

We caught up with Sean, literally, as he relaxed (briefly) in his Green Bay hotel room, in town to watch the Packers-Bears Monday night game.

Sean tells us how he got the idea for the trip, how he planned it, the logistics, and some quirky things that have happened to him so far. It's an interesting half hour!

After Sean, Adam Biggers joins us for another edition of "Adam Rants." Mr. Biggers weighs in on the U-M/MSU football game, and his take isn't pretty for U-M fans!

No Lions game this week, so Eno and Big Al spend the rest of the show talking more Michigan-Michigan State and the Tigers---namely the new manager, Brad Ausmus, and the start of the free agent season. It looks like the team's bullpen is in for a major overhaul, and what will the Tigers do about second base? Infante? Cano? Perez?

All this, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a case of Stroh's Bock Beer) and "Jerk of the Week"!

It all starts at 7pm ET HERE.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tonight: After 2 weeks off, we welcome Coach Ray Scott!

We're back, after a two-week hiatus!

It's almost hoops time, NBA style!

The Pistons open their 2013-14 season at home against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday, so what better time to preview the season than now, and who better to do that with, than former Pistons player and coach---and Friend of the Knee Jerks---Ray Scott?

Coach Scott watches his team, circa 1973

Coach joins us for a rousing 40-minute discussion on the state of the Pistons, including his assessment of GM Joe Dumars' off-season moves (hint: Coach is a big fan). We go over it all, from the make-up of the roster to players who might be on the outside looking in, to new coach Mo Cheeks and to whether Coach feels like the Pistons are a playoff team.

We also get into the development of Andre Drummond, the signing of Josh Smith, and bringing back aging guard Chauncey Billups, and Coach's ideas for how the Pistons should best use him.

After our Pistons talk, Eno and Big Al talk Tigers and their meltdown in the ALCS. What happened? And how much blame should be heaped on Prince Fielder? Big Al thinks the criticism of Fielder was over the top, and Eno explains why it was.

The Tigers are looking for a new manager and the guys talk about that as well!

Then it's on to the Lions' thrilling 31-30 win over Dallas on Sunday, which adds to exciting Lions wins over the Cowboys dating back to the 12-man FG win of 1981; the Monday Night thriller of 1994; and the comeback in Dallas in 2011.

Of course, there's "Whose Birthday Is It?" (prize: a mood ring) and "Jerk of the Week."

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tonight! NHL roundtable with B/R writers!

Oh, what a show we have planned for you this week!

The NHL season is about to start (yay, no strike!), and to celebrate that fact, the Jerks are joined by three hockey writers from Bleacher Report for a roundtable.

Matt Hutter (Detroit), Matt Clouden (Buffalo) and Ryan Szporer (Montreal) will discuss the Red Wings' move to the Eastern Conference, and to the Atlantic Division. They'll tell us whether they think it's a good move for the teams they cover, and whether it's a good move for the NHL as a whole.

Then each writer will preview their respective teams, as well as handicapping the Atlantic Division this year. Does anyone have Detroit as a favorite to win the division? Listen and find out!

After the hockey talk, Eno and Big Al discuss the Lions' big win against the Bears on Sunday. What were the keys? How dominant was the D-line? How big is the Reggie Bush Factor? Is the secondary better than what was thought before the season?

Then, it's on to the AL Central Champion Tigers. Eno is nervous about the playoffs, and Big Al tries to talk him down from the ledge!

All that and more! "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a $50 gift certificate to Twin Pines) and "Jerk of the Week"!

It all starts at 7:00 p.m. ET HERE.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tonight! Tabletop sports game designer Tim Plum!

Sorry for lack of a blog update last week!

Tonight the Jerks are joined by Tim Plum of PT Sports Games, who will discuss his line of football, hockey and basketball games and the state of the sports board game business.

If you grew up playing games like Strat-O-Matic, APBA and Avalon Hill's Statis-Pro games, chances are you still play various and sundry other tabletop sports games, or have a curiosity about what the state of the business is like.

Tim will clue us in, from how he turned an interest into an enterprise, and whether cards and dice can compete, in a niche sort of way, with video games and the Internet.

After Tim's segment, Eno and Big Al talk Lions, specifically their 27-20 win in Washington on Sunday. Also on the docket are the Tigers as they close in on their third straight AL Central crown, another scare ofr Michigan football, MSU's woes, and the Dodgers' notorious swim in Arizona.

All that and more, including "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a handsome set of Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedias) and Jerk of the Week! It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Tonight: Adam Rants, and the Lions are OLD!! Plus, how about those Tigers?

Adam Biggers is, depending on where he falls on the depth chart on any given week, our Fourth or Fifth Jerk. Regardless, he is with us tonight for a college football-drenched edition of "Adam Rants"!

Adam, from Bleacher Report, will talk at length about U-M and MSU's opening week wins. Adam is satisfied with Michigan's performance, but not so much with the Spartans'.

Adam also touches on "Johnny Football," aka Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M, and why Adam thinks that the kid is getting some bad advice, or isn't following the good advice that he is getting.

After Adam, the Jerks talk pro football, and how the Lions are now, officially, the oldest team in the NFL in terms of average player age. Eno says that is a bi-product of poor drafting and having to sign veteran free agents late in training camp.

The Jerks also discuss the recent settlement by the NFL of a class action lawsuit regarding how the league handled concussions back in the day with former players. It was a $765 million payout, but the league's annual revenue is $9 billion, so did the NFL get off cheap? The guys think so.

Finally, it's Tigers talk, as the Jerks handicap the AL Central race, discuss September call-ups and wonder why Andy Dirks has become the fans' new whipping boy. The boys also touch on the firing of Toledo Mud Hens manager Phil Nevin.

All that and more, including "Jerk of the Week" and "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a year's supply of Boboli pizza dough!). It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Tonight! Our NFL/Lions Insider, Michael Schottey!!

It's getting closer to the NFL season. You know why? Because Michael Schottey is on tonight's episode of "The Knee Jerks"!

Schottey, affectionately known around these parts as "The Fourth Jerk" (NHL/Red Wings Insider Matt Hutter is the Third Jerk), and Lead NFL National Writer for Bleacher Report, joins us to talk Lions.

We run the gamut with Schottey, including but not limited to: the struggling offense; how good is Matthew Stafford?; the secondary; all the veteran signings late in camp; Havard Rugland; and the d-line.

It's a great 35 minutes!

After Schottey, Eno and Big Al continue with the Lions talk, as the guys wonder if the Lions know how they're going to use Reggie Bush, why there isn't a lot of depth in the roster despite Martin Mayhew being the GM for going on five years now, and other football topics.

Then the show is capped off with Tigers talk. Should we be scared of the Indians? What about catching Victor Martinez more? Big Al thinks MLB blew it in the Ryan Dempster/Alex Rodriguez debacle. Agree?

All that and more, including "Jerk of the Week" and "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a year's supply of Turtle Wax). It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tonight: We're "baseball-icious"!! (and some Lions, too)

The baseball season is really heating up, and the Knee Jerks devote most of their program tonight to the national pastime.

Of course, there's lots of Tigers talk. Miggy's exploits, Prince's rough patch, the determined but outgunned Kansas City Royals...that's just some of what the Jerks are talking about!

More: should the Tigers call up hot prospect Nick Castellanos ahead of the August 31 deadline for playoff eligibility? If so, what about Matt Tuiasosopo? Or should the Tigers wait and let Nick try to make the team out of spring training in 2014?

PEDs, sadly, are on the Jerks' docket again. What do you think about Alex Rodriguez ratting out fellow players, including a teammate? Is Ryan Braun sincere with his "new leaf?" How much has PED use affected the accused players' legacies?

Finally, there's Lions talk. Was the ugly exhibition loss to the Browns on Thursday a portent of things to come? Or is it much ado about nothing? Eno is worried about the team's secondary. How about you? The Lions signed several defensive veterans over the weekend. Is this panic, trying to send a message, or just a case of a team trying to get better?

All this and more, plus "Jerk of the Week" and "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a pair of Florsheim shoes).

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

TONIGHT!!! Jhonny, JV, Bondo, Kickalicious and more!

It's Monday, and that means another thrilling episode of "The Knee Jerks"!!

Join Eno and Big Al as they tackle the Jhonny Peralta suspension and more importantly, whether the Tigers should bring Jhonny back after his 50-game suspension expires with three games remaining in the regular season.

The Jerks also give their take on Jack Clark's slanderous statement that Justin Verlander is taking PEDs, and the ensuing uproar, which included Clark's radio show being fired from the airwaves.

Jeremy Bonderman is back, and in style!

The Jerks also discuss the Lions' exhibition opener and what (if anything) we can glean from it. Also, is there a placekicking controversy? Will Havard Rugland, aka "Kickalicious," push veteran David Akers? Eno doesn't think the Lions will (or should) go the Kickalicious route. Agree or disagree?

Reports say the Pistons are talking to veteran big man Jason Collins, aka the first openly gay, active pro sports athlete. Is this move worth the trouble? Then again, should there be any trouble to begin with?

All that and more, plus "Jerk of the Week" and "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a pair of galoshes from Totes!)

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Tonight! A "humble" Schwartz, a goofy ejection, PEDs and more!

The Jerks are actually on the air for a FOURTH STRAIGHT WEEK! Due to circumstances not always under our control, that hasn't happened for quite some time.

As usual, the plate is full.

We start with Lions coach Jim Schwartz, who actually used the H-word ("humbled") in discussing his personal reaction to last year's 4-12 season. We break down other quotes from The Schwartz's presser last week as the Lions kicked off another training camp. We also wondered aloud if the Lions are contenders or pretenders in 2013 (Eno uses the D-word in his assessment; care to guess what that is?).

The talk then turns to the NFL in general, and we decry the talk of an 18-game season, as injuries are already mounting in training camps around the league.

The Tigers then take center stage, particularly Sunday's ridiculous ejection of Miggy Cabrera by umpire Chad Fairchild. How ironic that "fair" and "child" are in that clown's name! The Jerks are less than thrilled with Fairchild's behavior. The Jerks also discuss the upcoming trade deadline (note: the trade for Astros closer Jose Veras had not been completed at the time of recording).

The Baseball Hall of Fame had its induction ceremonies last weekend, and no living players were celebrated. In fact, they were vilified by some current HOF members for their suspected use of PEDs. Eno quotes Bob Gibson, though, who admitted to being glad that he never had to make the decision whether to use PEDs or not in his day. Gibson doesn't think playing "Holier than thou" is very righteous.

All that and more, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a case of Schooner Tuna; do you remember what movie that is from?), "Jerk of the Week," and more plugs than an AC power strip!

It all starts at 7pm ET HERE!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

TONIGHT! Adam Biggers, plus Jahvid Best, the NHL, and Tigers at the trade deadline!

Time to get your rant on!

It's an Adam Biggers week---meaning that our resident ranter will join us for several minutes at the top of the show for "Adam Rants."

Mr. Biggers, who can be read at Bleacher Report, will go off on the insane story that broke over the weekend by the Detroit Free Press regarding the bizarre and abusive behavior alleged by players of former Oakland University womens basketball coach Beckie Francis. Adam says that the girls at OU "weren't coached by Francis, they were victimized."

Note: The Knee Jerks have invited Freep sports writer Mick McCabe, who helped report the story, onto a future episode to further discuss this disturbing story.

After Adam, the Jerks get after it---starting with the news of Jahvid Best's release by the Lions last week. Big Al and Eno both call it a shame, with Eno adding that concussions are to the NFL in the 21st century what serious knee injuries were in the 20th century.

Other topics include the Pistons and whether they are a playoff team, as the roster now stands; the NHL's new schedule and realignment; and what the Tigers might do as the trading deadline approaches.

All this, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: three free games of miniature golf, provided Big Al can find a mini golf course) and Jerk of the Week.

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This Week's Show: Stafford, Billups, Tigers at the break (and more!)

The new episode of "The Knee Jerks" is available for download and it's chock full of good stuff!

The boys begin by chatting about Matthew Stafford's contract extension: good, bad? Too many years? Not enough? Or just right? Eno says if Stafford isn't a franchise QB, then he's easily the closest thing to it the Lions have had since the days of Bobby Layne.

The Pistons brought back two familiar faces: Rasheed Wallace (asst. coach) and Chauncey Billups (guard depth). Is this a desperate PR grab, or are these sound basketball decisions? Eno and Big Al are in agreement---but listen to the segment to see what side of the fence they're on! The guys also talk about the signing of European MVP Luigi Datome, and how much that might help the Pistons' cause.

Then it's on to the Tigers and a look back at the first half and what to expect after the All-Star break. Big Al also slips in some breaking rumors regarding a high profile NL pitcher possibly coming to Detroit!

All this and more, including "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: dinner for two at the Roostertail with host Jerry Schoenith), "Jerk of the Week"!

Check it out---you'll be glad you did!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tonight: Adam Biggers subs for Eno!

Eno can't make it tonight, so resident ranter Adam Biggers co-hosts with Big Al.

The timing is right, because the Pistons' drafting choices are the subject of discussion---very much including the Pistons passing on U-M's Trey Burke. No doubt that Adam has a lot to say about that.

Also on the docket: Tigers talk, as Big Al and Adam try to dissect the Bengals to see what's wrong for our boys, who have lost six of seven since taking three of four from the Red Sox (remember THAT?)

It all starts at 7pm ET HERE!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tonight: Did the Pistons pick the right coach? And how about that Tigers bullpen!

After a week off due to Big Al's computer blowing up, The Jerks are back to chat your ears off about Detroit sports!

It's also a "rant night," i.e. the third Monday of the month, so that means Bleacher Report's Adam Biggers stops by to go off on the Michigan quarterback situation.

Lots to talk about, as usual, and the first topic Eno and Big Al tackle is the Pistons and their new coach, Maurice Cheeks. Big Al wonders if the choice was a "safe" one by GM Joe Dumars, i.e. a "save my ass" choice. Eno says that the Pistons' current situation---nowhere near contender status---meant that the hopes that a serious big name coach coming to Detroit were mere folly.

Next, it's the Tigers and their leaky bullpen. The Jerks point out that the troubles don't stop with Jose Valverde; there are others in the pen who are not exactly free of guilt. The Jerks also touch on the inconsistent offense, the concerns over Anibal Sanchez, and the disaster that is Alex Avila.

Of course, there's also "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a $25 gift certificate to the House of Watchbands), "Jerks of the Week," and more!

It all starts at 7pm ET HERE!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tonight: Season Five begins!

Refreshed from a week off following our four-year anniversary show, The Knee Jerks start Season Number Five tonight!

It's the first Monday of the month, so Adam Biggers will be along tonight to rant. Tonight Adam discusses football recruiting and the perils of relying strictly on ratings systems to evaluate players.

Aside from Adam's rant, Eno and Big Al talk Red Wings: what we can take from the playoff run, where the team goes from here, and will they continue to "re-load" with or without Pavel Datsyuk? Where does coach Mike Babcock rank in the NHL among his colleagues?

The Jerks also talk Tigers---particularly last week's maddening display of baseball. Big Al takes manager Jim Leyland to task on the skipper's use (or misuse) of personnel.

Finally, the Jerks touch on the sad, self-destructive life of former Lions WR Titus Young. Will he get the help he so desperately needs?

All that, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake tonight: a complete set of Samsonite luggage), and "Jerk of the Week"!

It all starts at 7pm ET HERE!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tonight!! Our 4-year anniversary show!

Believe it or not, it's here! Our four-year anniversary podcast!

We recorded interview segments on Sunday and Big Al furiously spliced them together for download!

Join us as we celebrate four years, with the following guests:

Linda McCoy-Murray (Jim Murray Memorial Foundation)
Kurt Mensching (Bless You Boys, Detroit News)
Adam Biggers (Bleacher Report)
Jamie Samuelsen (One-half of "The Jamie and Wojo Show" on 97.1 The Ticket)
Bob Page (retired Detroit and New York broadcaster)
Paul Swaney (Stadium Journey)
Ray Scott (former Pistons player and coach)

The fun is available for download starting at 7pm ET HERE!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tonight: Adam Biggers, Matt Hutter and a full boat of topics!

It's a full boat tonight on "The Knee Jerks"!!

So much to talk about, and we are joined by two honorary Jerks---our Red Wings/NHL Insider Matt Hutter, and our ranter, Adam Biggers.

Matt stops by to chat up the Red Wings---their mad dash to the playoffs and of course the series with the Anaheim Ducks, personnel moves in the playoffs, and the enigmatic goalie Jimmy Howard. Matt also struggles to handicap what has been a weird series so far.

Adam's rant involves Draymond Green and the MSU star's rapid maturity in the NBA, helping the Golden State Warriors to a 4-2 series upset over the Denver Nuggets in Round 1. Adam also talks about a DB recruit of U-M's, who is talking big---really big.

In between all that, Eno and Big Al take on a bunch of topics: the Pistons' coaching search, especially the infusion of Phil Jackson's expertise (does this undermine Joe Dumars?); the Tigers' hot streak; Jason Collins's big announcement, which rattled the sports (and sociological) world; and more about the Red Wings.

All that, plus Jerk of the Week and "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a case of Towne Club pop), and more!

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tonight: Around the horn with Eno and Big Al

Due to the length of the Tigers game at the Angels on April 21, we were unable to record an episode last week, so listeners sadly lost out on the chance to hear good friend to the Knee Jerks, Michael Schottey, preview the NFL Draft for us.

But this is a new week and we recorded the show before the Tigers Sunday night game on April 28.

Unfortunately, Mr. Schottey wasn't able to reschedule, but Eno was out on April 14 (thank you, Adam Biggers for filling in) so Mike's hole was filled by more time for Eno and Big Al to get reacquainted.

The Jerks ran the Detroit sports gamut, with 80 minutes around the horn.

First up: Lions draft. Big Al wasn't thrilled with the Ziggy Ansah pick and he tells why. The guys then break down the Lions picks, top to bottom. Eno likes the variety; of the nine picks, eight different positions were addressed (including punter, which the guys call into question).

Then it's Pistons talk. It's a question raised just about every other year: Who will be the next Pistons coach? Eno tells why he thinks Nate McMillan should get the job.

Next it's the Red Wings and the continuation of their 22-year run of playoff  appearances, followed by a big and interesting week from the Tigers. Big Al calls out those who are mean-spirited in their criticism of the move to bring closer Jose Valverde back.

All that, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: the home version of "The Knee Jerks"), Jerk of the Week, and much more! It all starts at 7pm HERE.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tonight: Now batting for Eno...

Tonight Eno has the week off, so the Fourth Jerk, Adam Biggers, pinch hits!
Adam Biggers

Big Al and Adam look back at Michigan's loss to Louisville in the NCAA Tournament Final; the current state of the Wolverines program; Trey Burke declaring for the NBA draft; who stays and who leaves for the NBA from both Michigan and Michigan State; and the outlook for both of the state's B1G teams for the coming season.

The guys also talk Tigers and their big bats (and scary bullpen), and more!

It all starts at 7pm ET HERE!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Tonight!: Coach Ray Scott and Jay Wierenga from Bleacher Report!

"Coach" Ray Scott

The Pistons season is winding down, and we are all over it!

Joining us on the April 8 episode of "The Knee Jerks" are former Pistons player and coach (and frequent TKJ contributor) Ray Scott and Jay Wierenga, a Pistons Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report.

Ray and Jay will break down yet another miserable Pistons season, and run the gamut---from personnel decisions and possible moves in the off-season, to what went wrong in 2012-13. Do the guys think President Joe Dumars stays? How about coach Lawrence Frank? Will Andre Drummond turn into one of the best big men in the NBA? Who will the Pistons draft? Do they try to sign free agent-to-be Jose Calderon?

All those questions, and more, will be answered!

Following the hoops talk, the Jerks get into Michigan's exciting run to the NCAA basketball championship game (Mitch McGary, tourney MVP?); the retirement of Lions kicker Jason Hanson, and the Tigers' opening 3-3 week.

All that, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a $100 gift certificate for Spiegel catalogue, Chicago 60619), "Jerk of the Week," and more!

It all is available for download at 7pm ET HERE!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Programming Note: Taking April 1 off, will return with a Pistons post-mortem

Hello listeners! As you know, we record The Knee Jerks on Sunday evening for Monday premiere, but this Sunday (March 31) is Easter (Happy Easter, btw), so we won't be recording. So no show on April 1 (no fooling!), but we have a dandy planned for April 8, to reward your patience.

We will be joined by former Pistons player and coach Ray Scott and (we hope) Pistons beat writer Vinnie Goodwill of the Detroit News, who will offer up analysis of yet another wretched NBA season in Detroit, and a look ahead to what should be a very interesting off-season.

Does President/GM Joe Dumars come back? Does coach Lawrence Frank? Which current Pistons will be ex-Pistons before next training camp? How active will the team be in free agency? Do they bring back point guard (and free agent) Jose Calderon? Finally, what went wrong in 2012-13?

All those questions, and more, will be tackled on Monday, April 8 at 7:00pm ET!!

Once again, have a safe and happy Easter!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tonight: Adam Biggers and his take on March Madness

Well, the first weekend of the NCAA men's basketball tournament is done, and the Sweet 16 teams have been determined. As usual, there were some major upsets, some near upsets, and everything in between.

Michigan and Michigan State play on, and some intriguing match-ups are coming up this weekend. So who better than our own (and Bleacher Report's) Adam Biggers, aka The Fourth Jerk, to break it all down for you?

The Jerks quiz Adam on all things March Madness, getting his take on opening weekend and what to look for coming up---especially when it comes to the Wolverines and Spartans!

Following Adam, the Jerks comment on the rules changes in the NFL, including the controversial "crown of the helmet" rule, penalizing a ball carrier 15 yards if he lowers his head and rams defenders with the crown of his helmet. There's also the "Jim Schwartz rule" (don't you just love that the Lions seem to have their own section of the rule book?).

Lions RB Jahvid Best says he still wants to play football, but will he ever get medical clearance? The guys discuss the possible (or probable) end to a once-promising career.

Finally, will the Lions bring K Jason Hanson back? Is there enough money to pay him? So far the Lions have offered Hanson the $975,000 veteran minimum.

The Jerks also talk some Tigers. Will non-roster invitee Matt Tuiasosopo become the team's fourth outfielder? He just might, with Avisail Garcia hurt and Rule 5 guy Jeff Kobernus returned to the Washington Nationals---and the fact that Tuiasosopo bats right-handed.

And in the world of hockey, the firing of analyst Larry Murphy by FSD has Red Wings fans in an uproar. Are the Jerks among those stunned and angered by the sudden move?

All that and more, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a year's supply of Jiffy Pop!) and "Jerk of the Week." The first download is available at 7pm ET HERE.

AND, in two weeks, you won't want to miss our post-mortem of the Pistons 2012-13 season with former Pistons player and coach Ray Scott and beat writer Vinnie Goodwill of the Detroit News! That's Monday, April 8!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tonight: Lotsa Lions, Tigers talk, plus March Madness

If it's Monday, it's "The Knee Jerks"!! (well, MOST of the time!)

Tonight we bump Adam Biggers until next week with "Adam Rants," but that means more time to talk about what was a very busy week in Detroit sports.

First up: March Madness!! How will U-M and MSU do in the "Big Dance"? Will they crack the Sweet 16? Or maybe go even further? Will the guards (Trey Burke and Keith Appling) step up and lead the Wolverines and Spartans, respectively, to the Promised Land?

Next, the Jerks talk Lions and boy is there a lot to talk about! Jeff Backus's retirement; free agent signings (Hello, Mr. Bush!!) and losses; and draft needs.

Finally, the Jerks talk Tigers. The guys will muse about Brennan Boesch's release and subsequent signing by the Yankees, the muddled outfield situation (will there be a RH bat?), and more.

All that, plus the issue of PEDs in baseball, the Birthday Game (at stake: a Chia Pet in the shape of Kwame Kilpatrick) and "Jerk of the Week."

It all starts at 7pm HERE.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tonight's show: we're back!!! And we're talking Tigers!

After a two-week hiatus due to sickness (Eno and Big Al's), the Jerks are back!

It's the Tigers Preview show that was sheduled for two weeks ago.

Joining the Jerks, as per tradition, are bloggers Kurt Mensching (Bless You Boys and the Detroit News) and Jennifer Cosey (Old English D).

They will help break down the team's outlook for 2013, covering a slew of topics, from the closer situation to Jim Leyland. Don't miss it!

After Kurt and Jennifer, the Jerks talk World Baseball Classic (i.e. does anyone in the States even care?), the Red Wings, U-M basketball, the Lions perilous off-season, and more!

Of course, there's also "Jerk of the Week" and "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a raincoat for Big Al from London Fog).

It all starts at 7pm ET HERE.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tonight's show: Adam Biggers, some classic Eno rants!

Join "The Knee Jerks" tonight and get ready to listen to some rants!

First, the "fourth Jerk," Bleacher Report's Adam Biggers, joins the Jerks for another edition of "Adam Rants." Tonight's topic: MSU's Derrick Nix's "bulletin board material" and whether we should care if college kids engage in a little trash talk. Adam also has some harsh words for those who take to Twitter and Facebook to belittle high school kids for not choosing the "right" school on National Signing Day.

Eno goes off on a couple rants, most notably one on Lions kicker Jason Hanson, who hasn't decided whether to return for a 22nd season. Eno kind of wishes Hanson would no longer be the Lions kicker (tune in to find out why).

Eno sorta wishes Jason Hanson (above) would go away

Through it all, Big Al does his usual fine job of steering the ship, which includes his riff on the NBA's All-Star Weekend; discussion about Justin Verlander's pending free agency; and Big Al even suggests the Tigers should consider bringing closer Jose Valverde back if the price is right.

The guys also talk about Reggie Bush-to-the-Lions, Matthew Stafford's contract and much more.

There's also "Whose Birthday Is It?" (a Lions Snuggie is at stake) and "Jerk of the Week."

It all starts at 7pm ET HERE.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tonight: Just Eno and Big Al, riffing!

After taking a week off to watch the Super Bowl, The Knee Jerks are back, recording last night for tonight's download!

No guest tonight so Eno and Big Al could get caught up with the following: Super Bowl XLVII (as Eno wonders if Jim Harbaugh is TOO intense); the Lions release of Titus Young (no surprise), Kyle vanden Bosch (also no surprise) and Stephen Peterman (mild surprise); the rebuilding challenge in front of GM Martin Mayhew, and how far the team is from serious contention. Then it's the Tigers---specifically Jhonny Peralta being linked (possibly) to PED use, the effect of Felix Hernandez's huge contract on pitchers like Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer, and the future of the team in general with so many (potentially) big contracts to dole out in the near future.

The show wraps up with discussion of the Tayshaun Prince/Austin Daye for Jose Calderon trade, Prince's legacy as a Piston, and the injury to big man Dre Drummond. The boys also talk some Big Ten hoops!

As usual, there is "Whose Birthday Is It?" (a box set of the TV series "Mannix" is at stake) and "Jerk of the Week." It all starts at 7pm ET HERE.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tonight: Red Wings Insider Matt Hutter!!

It's Monday, and that means "The Knee Jerks"!!

Tonight the Jerks welcome the "Third Jerk," Red Wings and NHL Insider Matt Hutter from Bleacher Report!

It's been so long since Matt's been with us, talking hockey, and we have a lot of ice to cover!

Matt will give us his take on the State of the Red Wings as it is right now, and what it might be down the road. He'll talk about the troubled defense, the lack of goal scoring and the sickly power play. All that and more!

After Matt the guys talk Lions, specifically the train wreck that is Titus Young! Also, do the guys approve of Ndamukong Suh diving for dollars?

Also on the docket: Delmon Young to Philly; ZiPS projections for the Tigers; Andre Drummond, and more!

All that plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (a steam cleaner from Bissell is at stake) and "Jerk of the Week"!

It all starts at 7pm ET here.

Programming note: No show next Monday! We will see you on February 11!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Basketball Bones: Eno's self-created tabletop basketball game!

Check out the tabletop basketball game that Eno designed, Basketball Bones!

From now on there will be a link on this blog's home page that will take you right to the BB page, which gives you details about the game, which is played with 4 dice (3 six-sided and an eight-sided), and how to purchase it. There are PDF demos available too.

Find out more about Eno's creation HERE.

Currently there are three seasons being offered (1977-78 NBA; 2007-08 NBA and 2011-12 NBA), with the 1970-71 ABA due out in February!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tonight: Adam Biggers, Manti T'eo, Lance Armstrong...and more!!

It's the third Monday of the month, so that means another visit from Bleacher Report's Adam Biggers and another edition of "Adam Rants"!

Tonight, Adam discusses U-M football recruiting and the quality of Big Ten basketball, which Adam feels is as good as (or better than) any conference in the country.

Before Adam, who appears about 40 minutes into the show, the Jerks take on the bizarre story of Notre Dame LB Manti T'eo and his never-existed, dead girlfriend. Eno and Big Al especially take the media to task for their failure to sniff this story out months ago.

After Adam, it's time to talk Lance Armstrong and his less-than-emotional confession to Oprah Winfrey.

Then it's the Red Wings and their sorry opening night loss in St. Louis. Is this a sign of things to come? Big Al says he had flashbacks to the "Darkness with Harkness" days of the early-1970s!

Then it's baseball talk---specifically the deaths over the weekend of two legends: St. Louis Cardinals slugger Stan Musial and Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver.

Finally, the Jerks touch on the Pistons' loss to the New York Knicks in London---specifically, WHY?

All that plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" and "Jerk of the Week"!! It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Tonight: Paul Swaney from Stadium Journey!

If it's Monday, it's "The Knee Jerks" (usually, anyway)!

Tonight the Jerks are joined by longtime FOTKJ Paul Swaney (above, with beard!), owner/operator/editor of Stadium Journey, a wonderful repository for all things sports venue-related. Paul will discuss SJ, The Magazine, and how that's doing in the face of a time when print publications are bowing to the Internet.

Paul gives us 30 quality minutes discussing SJ and its goals for 2013. He also addresses whether TKJ should get any royalties, because Paul pretty much started SJ after appearing on TKJ to discuss it back in 2009!

Eno gives Paul a good idea re: a contest for the Best High School Football Experience, to which Paul says royalties may be forthcoming!

After Paul, the guys talk NHL, particularly the end of the lockout and the rather strange way that the 2013 schedule was slowwwly released. The Jerks also openly wonder whether the NHL will somehow compensate fans, especially the season ticket holders, for the 113-day lockout. Finally, the discussion will actually turn to on-ice matters, i.e. Tomas Holmstrom's retirement and the new captaincy of Hank Zetterberg.

Then it's baseball, i.e. the recent HOF vote and how it affected Jack Morris and Alan Trammell, among others.

All that and more, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" and "Jerk of the week"!!

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

Monday, January 7, 2013

We're baaaack!

It's a new year and a new slew of episodes of "The Knee Jerks"!!

We kick off 2013's slate of shows with our old friend and "Third Jerk" Adam Biggers, for another edition of "Adam Rants." Tonight Adam, who hasn't been on the show for quite some time, dishes on U-M football, U-M and MSU basketball, the BCS and tonight's National Title game between Notre Dame and Alabama.

Before and after Adam, who joins the Jerks about 45 minutes in, the boys break down the new NHL CBA and discuss who won and who lost in the negotiations (hint: the fans were DEFINITE losers).

Then it's time to talk Tigers and the Hall of Fame, specifically Jack Morris and Alan Trammell. There's also some spirited discussion by Eno on the Torii Hunter/homophobic comments that made the rounds in recent days.

And of course, what would the first show of 2013 be without a post-mortem on the Lions' awful 4-12 season? The Jerks touch on a little of that, but will have lots more to say about it next week.

It's also a return to "Whose Birthday Is It?" (a Roger Whittaker album set from K-Tel is at stake) and "Jerk of the Week"!

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.