Monday, April 29, 2013

Tonight: Around the horn with Eno and Big Al

Due to the length of the Tigers game at the Angels on April 21, we were unable to record an episode last week, so listeners sadly lost out on the chance to hear good friend to the Knee Jerks, Michael Schottey, preview the NFL Draft for us.

But this is a new week and we recorded the show before the Tigers Sunday night game on April 28.

Unfortunately, Mr. Schottey wasn't able to reschedule, but Eno was out on April 14 (thank you, Adam Biggers for filling in) so Mike's hole was filled by more time for Eno and Big Al to get reacquainted.

The Jerks ran the Detroit sports gamut, with 80 minutes around the horn.

First up: Lions draft. Big Al wasn't thrilled with the Ziggy Ansah pick and he tells why. The guys then break down the Lions picks, top to bottom. Eno likes the variety; of the nine picks, eight different positions were addressed (including punter, which the guys call into question).

Then it's Pistons talk. It's a question raised just about every other year: Who will be the next Pistons coach? Eno tells why he thinks Nate McMillan should get the job.

Next it's the Red Wings and the continuation of their 22-year run of playoff  appearances, followed by a big and interesting week from the Tigers. Big Al calls out those who are mean-spirited in their criticism of the move to bring closer Jose Valverde back.

All that, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: the home version of "The Knee Jerks"), Jerk of the Week, and much more! It all starts at 7pm HERE.

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