Monday, May 6, 2013

Tonight: Adam Biggers, Matt Hutter and a full boat of topics!

It's a full boat tonight on "The Knee Jerks"!!

So much to talk about, and we are joined by two honorary Jerks---our Red Wings/NHL Insider Matt Hutter, and our ranter, Adam Biggers.

Matt stops by to chat up the Red Wings---their mad dash to the playoffs and of course the series with the Anaheim Ducks, personnel moves in the playoffs, and the enigmatic goalie Jimmy Howard. Matt also struggles to handicap what has been a weird series so far.

Adam's rant involves Draymond Green and the MSU star's rapid maturity in the NBA, helping the Golden State Warriors to a 4-2 series upset over the Denver Nuggets in Round 1. Adam also talks about a DB recruit of U-M's, who is talking big---really big.

In between all that, Eno and Big Al take on a bunch of topics: the Pistons' coaching search, especially the infusion of Phil Jackson's expertise (does this undermine Joe Dumars?); the Tigers' hot streak; Jason Collins's big announcement, which rattled the sports (and sociological) world; and more about the Red Wings.

All that, plus Jerk of the Week and "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a case of Towne Club pop), and more!

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

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