Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New episode! Ray Scott likes the Pistons' chances, the Jerks eviscerate the Lions

It's time to launch another NBA season and unlike last year at this time, Knee Jerks friend Ray Scott is high on the team.

A year ago, the former Pistons player and coach expressed grave concerns about the makeup of new coach (and President) Stan Van Gundy's odd roster, which was in transition from the previous regime. And coach's concerns were justified, as the team got off to a 5-23 start.

But Josh Smith was released and the Pistons went 27-27 the rest of the way.

This year, the Piston jumped out of the gate 3-0 and coach likes what he sees.

"I'll be disappointed if this team doesn't make the playoffs," coach says in his visit with us.

We asked him if anything about the team concerns him. His answer will probably surprise you.

After the warm and fuzzy Pistons talk, the Jerks lay into the sad sack Lions, discussing what needs to be done to change course. But...will the owner follow suit?

Of course, there's "Jerk of the Week" and "Whose Birthday Is It?" At stake: a case of Stroh's "Bohemian Style" beer!

You can listen to the episode HERE.