Michael Schottey

Michael Schottey has been the "Fourth Jerk" unofficially since 2010, when his spot-on analysis of the Lions and the NFL became frequently heard on "The Knee Jerks."

His first Detroit sports memory?

"The first time I ever dropped the F-bomb, I was sitting about two inches from the T.V. when Kordell Stewart chucked up the Miracle at Michigan (1994). My father wasn't a huge football fan and didn't quite grasp the situation, so I was grounded for quite a while after that" 

Michael contributes his football talk all over the Net, but he's never as well-versed as when he's chatting up The Jerks on Monday nights, which he does several times every year.

He's married, has a small son who is absolutely adorable, and lives in Palm Coast, Florida.

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