Monday, January 28, 2013

Tonight: Red Wings Insider Matt Hutter!!

It's Monday, and that means "The Knee Jerks"!!

Tonight the Jerks welcome the "Third Jerk," Red Wings and NHL Insider Matt Hutter from Bleacher Report!

It's been so long since Matt's been with us, talking hockey, and we have a lot of ice to cover!

Matt will give us his take on the State of the Red Wings as it is right now, and what it might be down the road. He'll talk about the troubled defense, the lack of goal scoring and the sickly power play. All that and more!

After Matt the guys talk Lions, specifically the train wreck that is Titus Young! Also, do the guys approve of Ndamukong Suh diving for dollars?

Also on the docket: Delmon Young to Philly; ZiPS projections for the Tigers; Andre Drummond, and more!

All that plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (a steam cleaner from Bissell is at stake) and "Jerk of the Week"!

It all starts at 7pm ET here.

Programming note: No show next Monday! We will see you on February 11!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Basketball Bones: Eno's self-created tabletop basketball game!

Check out the tabletop basketball game that Eno designed, Basketball Bones!

From now on there will be a link on this blog's home page that will take you right to the BB page, which gives you details about the game, which is played with 4 dice (3 six-sided and an eight-sided), and how to purchase it. There are PDF demos available too.

Find out more about Eno's creation HERE.

Currently there are three seasons being offered (1977-78 NBA; 2007-08 NBA and 2011-12 NBA), with the 1970-71 ABA due out in February!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tonight: Adam Biggers, Manti T'eo, Lance Armstrong...and more!!

It's the third Monday of the month, so that means another visit from Bleacher Report's Adam Biggers and another edition of "Adam Rants"!

Tonight, Adam discusses U-M football recruiting and the quality of Big Ten basketball, which Adam feels is as good as (or better than) any conference in the country.

Before Adam, who appears about 40 minutes into the show, the Jerks take on the bizarre story of Notre Dame LB Manti T'eo and his never-existed, dead girlfriend. Eno and Big Al especially take the media to task for their failure to sniff this story out months ago.

After Adam, it's time to talk Lance Armstrong and his less-than-emotional confession to Oprah Winfrey.

Then it's the Red Wings and their sorry opening night loss in St. Louis. Is this a sign of things to come? Big Al says he had flashbacks to the "Darkness with Harkness" days of the early-1970s!

Then it's baseball talk---specifically the deaths over the weekend of two legends: St. Louis Cardinals slugger Stan Musial and Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver.

Finally, the Jerks touch on the Pistons' loss to the New York Knicks in London---specifically, WHY?

All that plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" and "Jerk of the Week"!! It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Tonight: Paul Swaney from Stadium Journey!

If it's Monday, it's "The Knee Jerks" (usually, anyway)!

Tonight the Jerks are joined by longtime FOTKJ Paul Swaney (above, with beard!), owner/operator/editor of Stadium Journey, a wonderful repository for all things sports venue-related. Paul will discuss SJ, The Magazine, and how that's doing in the face of a time when print publications are bowing to the Internet.

Paul gives us 30 quality minutes discussing SJ and its goals for 2013. He also addresses whether TKJ should get any royalties, because Paul pretty much started SJ after appearing on TKJ to discuss it back in 2009!

Eno gives Paul a good idea re: a contest for the Best High School Football Experience, to which Paul says royalties may be forthcoming!

After Paul, the guys talk NHL, particularly the end of the lockout and the rather strange way that the 2013 schedule was slowwwly released. The Jerks also openly wonder whether the NHL will somehow compensate fans, especially the season ticket holders, for the 113-day lockout. Finally, the discussion will actually turn to on-ice matters, i.e. Tomas Holmstrom's retirement and the new captaincy of Hank Zetterberg.

Then it's baseball, i.e. the recent HOF vote and how it affected Jack Morris and Alan Trammell, among others.

All that and more, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" and "Jerk of the week"!!

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

Monday, January 7, 2013

We're baaaack!

It's a new year and a new slew of episodes of "The Knee Jerks"!!

We kick off 2013's slate of shows with our old friend and "Third Jerk" Adam Biggers, for another edition of "Adam Rants." Tonight Adam, who hasn't been on the show for quite some time, dishes on U-M football, U-M and MSU basketball, the BCS and tonight's National Title game between Notre Dame and Alabama.

Before and after Adam, who joins the Jerks about 45 minutes in, the boys break down the new NHL CBA and discuss who won and who lost in the negotiations (hint: the fans were DEFINITE losers).

Then it's time to talk Tigers and the Hall of Fame, specifically Jack Morris and Alan Trammell. There's also some spirited discussion by Eno on the Torii Hunter/homophobic comments that made the rounds in recent days.

And of course, what would the first show of 2013 be without a post-mortem on the Lions' awful 4-12 season? The Jerks touch on a little of that, but will have lots more to say about it next week.

It's also a return to "Whose Birthday Is It?" (a Roger Whittaker album set from K-Tel is at stake) and "Jerk of the Week"!

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.