Monday, January 14, 2013

Tonight: Paul Swaney from Stadium Journey!

If it's Monday, it's "The Knee Jerks" (usually, anyway)!

Tonight the Jerks are joined by longtime FOTKJ Paul Swaney (above, with beard!), owner/operator/editor of Stadium Journey, a wonderful repository for all things sports venue-related. Paul will discuss SJ, The Magazine, and how that's doing in the face of a time when print publications are bowing to the Internet.

Paul gives us 30 quality minutes discussing SJ and its goals for 2013. He also addresses whether TKJ should get any royalties, because Paul pretty much started SJ after appearing on TKJ to discuss it back in 2009!

Eno gives Paul a good idea re: a contest for the Best High School Football Experience, to which Paul says royalties may be forthcoming!

After Paul, the guys talk NHL, particularly the end of the lockout and the rather strange way that the 2013 schedule was slowwwly released. The Jerks also openly wonder whether the NHL will somehow compensate fans, especially the season ticket holders, for the 113-day lockout. Finally, the discussion will actually turn to on-ice matters, i.e. Tomas Holmstrom's retirement and the new captaincy of Hank Zetterberg.

Then it's baseball, i.e. the recent HOF vote and how it affected Jack Morris and Alan Trammell, among others.

All that and more, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" and "Jerk of the week"!!

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

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