Monday, February 18, 2013

Tonight's show: Adam Biggers, some classic Eno rants!

Join "The Knee Jerks" tonight and get ready to listen to some rants!

First, the "fourth Jerk," Bleacher Report's Adam Biggers, joins the Jerks for another edition of "Adam Rants." Tonight's topic: MSU's Derrick Nix's "bulletin board material" and whether we should care if college kids engage in a little trash talk. Adam also has some harsh words for those who take to Twitter and Facebook to belittle high school kids for not choosing the "right" school on National Signing Day.

Eno goes off on a couple rants, most notably one on Lions kicker Jason Hanson, who hasn't decided whether to return for a 22nd season. Eno kind of wishes Hanson would no longer be the Lions kicker (tune in to find out why).

Eno sorta wishes Jason Hanson (above) would go away

Through it all, Big Al does his usual fine job of steering the ship, which includes his riff on the NBA's All-Star Weekend; discussion about Justin Verlander's pending free agency; and Big Al even suggests the Tigers should consider bringing closer Jose Valverde back if the price is right.

The guys also talk about Reggie Bush-to-the-Lions, Matthew Stafford's contract and much more.

There's also "Whose Birthday Is It?" (a Lions Snuggie is at stake) and "Jerk of the Week."

It all starts at 7pm ET HERE.

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