Monday, March 25, 2013

Tonight: Adam Biggers and his take on March Madness

Well, the first weekend of the NCAA men's basketball tournament is done, and the Sweet 16 teams have been determined. As usual, there were some major upsets, some near upsets, and everything in between.

Michigan and Michigan State play on, and some intriguing match-ups are coming up this weekend. So who better than our own (and Bleacher Report's) Adam Biggers, aka The Fourth Jerk, to break it all down for you?

The Jerks quiz Adam on all things March Madness, getting his take on opening weekend and what to look for coming up---especially when it comes to the Wolverines and Spartans!

Following Adam, the Jerks comment on the rules changes in the NFL, including the controversial "crown of the helmet" rule, penalizing a ball carrier 15 yards if he lowers his head and rams defenders with the crown of his helmet. There's also the "Jim Schwartz rule" (don't you just love that the Lions seem to have their own section of the rule book?).

Lions RB Jahvid Best says he still wants to play football, but will he ever get medical clearance? The guys discuss the possible (or probable) end to a once-promising career.

Finally, will the Lions bring K Jason Hanson back? Is there enough money to pay him? So far the Lions have offered Hanson the $975,000 veteran minimum.

The Jerks also talk some Tigers. Will non-roster invitee Matt Tuiasosopo become the team's fourth outfielder? He just might, with Avisail Garcia hurt and Rule 5 guy Jeff Kobernus returned to the Washington Nationals---and the fact that Tuiasosopo bats right-handed.

And in the world of hockey, the firing of analyst Larry Murphy by FSD has Red Wings fans in an uproar. Are the Jerks among those stunned and angered by the sudden move?

All that and more, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: a year's supply of Jiffy Pop!) and "Jerk of the Week." The first download is available at 7pm ET HERE.

AND, in two weeks, you won't want to miss our post-mortem of the Pistons 2012-13 season with former Pistons player and coach Ray Scott and beat writer Vinnie Goodwill of the Detroit News! That's Monday, April 8!!

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