Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last Night's Show: Eno and Big Al Long For Return to "Old School" NHL Justice

Last night's show featured Big Al successfully guessing "Whose Birthday Is It?", a spirited discussion about the NHL's namby-pamby treatment of Shea Weber's brutal move on Henrik Zetterberg, and the Tigers' 6-3 start (including, sadly, some minutes about Brandon Inge!).

Adam Biggers joined us 45 minutes in to rant about an unsolved mystery surrounding MSU senior hoopster Derrick Nix's DUI case.

Eno and Big Al fondly recalled the days of the 1970s/'80s/'90s NHL, when teams had more than one tough guy, and matters were settled with fists, on the ice---not with cheap shots and suspensions and fines.

Big Al picked some low-hanging fruit for his "Jerk of the Week," and Eno countered with a new/old MLB manager.

Check it out HERE!!

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