Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Monday's show: Truncated but lotsa Lidstrom!

Due to technical difficulties (aka Big Al's piss poor Internet service), Monday's show was cut short by about 25 minutes. Still, the Jerks got in what they REALLY wanted to talk about: the retirement of Red Wings defenseman Nick Lidstrom, and the effect it will have on the, as Eno likes to say, "organEYEzayshun."

For about 45 minutes, the Jerks riffed on Lidstrom's loss and how the Red Wings (meaning GM Ken Holland) will respond, personnel-wise.

Then it was Yahoo! Sports' Adam Biggers and "Adam Rants." Monday, Adam went off on the Lions' kid gloves approach with DT (and apparent pot head speedster) Nick Fairley, and why MSU grad Draymond Green is being overlooked heading into the NBA Draft.

The show ended before Big Al could correctly guess former catcher Tony Pena as the identity of "Whose Birthday Is It?"

You can download the 65-minute episode HERE.

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