Monday, October 1, 2012

Tonight's Show: Tigers on verge; so is Miggy; Lions can't roar

We're back, after taking a week off!

Tonight the Jerks welcome freelance sports journalist and broadcaster Adam Biggers for another edition of "Adam Rants." In tonight's rant, Adam breaks down MSU's rocky start in football, including Saturday's loss to Ohio State. Adam pops in about 45 minutes into the show.

Before and after Adam, Eno and Big Al talk Tigers and discuss why they are on the verge of winning the AL Central. It hasn't always been pretty, but it looks like the Detroiters are going to get the job done.

The Jerks also talk Miggy Cabrera, and his assault on the Triple Crown. Also at issue: sabermetrics, and their influence on how the game of baseball is analyzed. This is of particular relevance to Cabrera, because a lot of sabermetricians are pooh-poohing Miggy's season and the Triple Crown in general.

The Lions also get their airtime as Eno and Big Al offer their opinions as to why the team is off to a 1-3 start. Should special teams coach Danny Crossman get the ziggy?

Of course, there's another edition of "Whose Birthday Is It?" (will Big Al win a set of Ginsu knives?) and of course, "Jerk of the Week."

It all starts at 7:00pm ET HERE.

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