Monday, March 10, 2014

Tonight! 66 minutes of fun, featuring our Red Wings and NHL Insider Matt Hutter, and reaction to Bill Ford's death

Tonight we present a short and sweet episode (66 minutes) of "The Knee Jerks"!

In about an hour, we pack a lot in!

It all starts with a visit from our "Third Jerk" and our Red Wings and NHL Insider, Matt Hutter, who talks about the legacy of Nick Lidstrom, the team's playoff chances (you're not going to like it), and the brightness of the future with the kids.

After Matt, Eno and Big Al discuss the breaking news (at the time of recording) of the death of Lions owner Bill Ford at age 88. Should Ford's legacy be limited to the Lions' success (or lack thereof) on the field? Or was he much more than that, and should be remembered as such? How much of the losing was his fault? What happens to the franchise going forward? Will it be another Pistons situation?

Then, it's a few minutes on the health of another Detroit sports owner---Mike Ilitch. If the worst happens, how are the Red Wings and Tigers set up for the future in an ownership transition? Any Pistons-like worries with them as well?

All that, plus "Whose Birthday Is It?" (at stake: 3 days, 1 night in Tijuana---Al is on his own the second night---courtesy of Air Mexico) and "Jerk of the Week"!

It all can be found HERE.

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