Monday, July 20, 2015

New episode! Lotsa Tigers, some Red Wings, a little bit of U-M

Buy or sell?

By now you're tired of hearing that question when it comes to the Tigers, so why don't you tune in to the latest episode of "The Knee Jerks" and hear the final answer, once and for all?

Eno and Big Al tackle the team's future as the July 31 interleague, non-waiver trade deadline approaches.

Buy or sell?

Tune in and find out what the Jerks think!

There's also some time for Red Wings talk, particularly the locking up of forward Gustav Nyquist with a contract extension.

Finally, the Jerks discuss the gargantuan new apparel contract that the University of Michigan signed with Nike, to the tune of $169 million. Do you still think that college athletes shouldn't be compensated?

Listen to the show HERE.

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