Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Eno and Big Al on Monday's Show: Goodell got it right with Saints suspensions

On Monday's show, Eno and Big Al riffed on Reiff---Lions' #1 draft pick Riley Reiff (OT, Iowa), along with the surprising selection of WR Ryan Broyles from Oklahoma.

The Jerks also talked about the New Orleans Saints and their players being suspended left and right for "Bounty Gate." Basically, both Eno and Big Al lauded NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his heavy hand.

Then it was on to the Tigers and whether it's too soon to panic (and this was BEFORE Octavio Dotel's meltdown on Monday night in Seattle!).

Big Al also wanted to know why no-hitters are more commonplace nowadays, and Eno gave his $0.02 worth!

Yahoo! Sports' Adam Biggers joined the Jerks about 45 minutes in and ranted about Kurt Warner's comments regarding his kids and playing football, along with how Adam doesn't feel moved by the NBA anymore.

Big Al's "Jerk of the Week" was a certain maligned Tigers pitcher, while Eno countered with a former MSU football coach.

Did Big Al correctly guess "Whose Birthday Is It?"?? Listen and find out HERE.

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